Last week in Calgary, a community gathered.

People from all different backgrounds and ages came together with signs, photos and instruments to stand against injustice. The injustice of missing and murdered Indigenous people in Canada.
In 2014 Tina Fontaine’s body was found in the Red River in Winnipeg. It was wrapped in plastic and a duvet cover, and was weighed down with rocks. She was just 15 years old.
Raymond Cormier was charged with her death, and was found not guilty last week.

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After the verdict was released, marches and rallies took place across the country demanding justice for Tina and other missing and murdered Indigenous people.
In addition to Tina, there were cries at the Calgary rally for ‘justice for Colten’, referring to Colten Boushie. He was a young Indigenous man from Saskatchewan who was shot and killed. Gerald Stanley was acquitted earlier this month in the fatal shooting.
Lowa Beebe was one of the rally organizers in Calgary and told CBC news that it is time for action.

“I think this is a strong statement to Canadians, to the government, to the justice system. And things need to change,” she said in the interview. “Our children are dying every day and people are getting away with it. Where is the justice?”

Canada failed these young people and now people are standing up and saying “no more.” We can’t stand by while young Indigenous women and men, boys and girls, are treated as disposable people.
Where is the justice for Indigenous lives?