If nonprofits want to make a true impact with their digital campaign, they need content marketing.

It is the technique of creating valuable, relevant and consistent content and distributing it properly. This builds a targeted audience that will support your campaign and organization, and take a valuable action because of it.
No matter the size of the campaign or the type of audience you’re trying to reach – successful nonprofits have shown time and again that content marketing is the way to go.
This is especially true for cause marketing.
In order for targeted audiences to be able to recognize and believe in a nonprofit’s commitment to a cause, they have to be able to see consistent and quality cause-driven content. This is why cause marketing and well organized content marketing work together so well.
Nonprofits are focused give back to their community, but they don’t always realize how a well-executed content marketing campaign can be leveraged to create even more of an impact for  their cause.

Three reasons why all nonprofits should be using content marketing and cause marketing together:

1. Builds Trust
Content marketing serves a greater purpose than just driving leads. When a nonprofit commits themselves to offering social good value, they earn the trust of their target audience. The campaign is less about what the organization can sell and more about what is good for their audience and the world. Doing this through a consistent content campaign demonstrates authenticity and helps build an audience that will support you and tell others to.

2. Drives Action
When you use content marketing to draw attention to a social good campaign, you can create content that is tailored specifically to audiences and these emotional drivers will strongly resonate. When an audience feels empathy to a cause, they are more likely to take action. Content marketing allows nonprofits to do this by delivering a number of pieces of content that lead consumers through a ladder of engagement, with the ultimate end goal of taking meaningful action.

3. Educates Your Audience
If you want to have an impact for social good through content marketing, it is essential to establish yourself as a respected educational voice on the issue. Content marketing is all about education, and cause marketing relies on education to help people take action. Through thoughtful content marketing, you are able to educate your audience, not only about the issue your campaign is focusing on, but also your own organization or brand.

Take action and stay informed on issues facing Canadians.

Together we can make a difference.

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