The Canadian Labour Congress had been fighting for a better public pension plan for years, and they decided it was time to create a compelling campaign to speak to Canadians. They believe that no one should have to struggle in retirement, and that a stronger Canada Pension Plan is the best way to do that. A campaign was created that would reach a target audience of a key group millennials and baby boomers in their everyday day lives. This comprehensive plan included out-of-home, TV and an online content marketing program. In the end the CLC won a better CPP for all Canadians.

The Challenge

When you work hard your whole life, you shouldn’t have to live in poverty once you retire. Unfortunately for over 600,000 Canadian seniors, that is a reality. There are 11 million workers lacking a workplace pension who rely on the Canada Pension Plan in retirement. This plan has not been expanded in over 50 years and the Canadian Labour Congress wanted to change that through a content driven campaign targeted at not only baby boomers, but also millennials.

Are we ready?

It was important to put together a campaign that would reach the target audience in their everyday day lives, so a well-rounded plan was put together that included out-of-home, TV and a robust online content marketing program. To connect with the audience in an emotional way, a TV commercial showing the effects of an insufficient pension plan on a retiring man was created. A diverse digital and social media content marketing program was exectued that included a seven-part documentary. This all drove to a custom website that allowed users to sign a petition or email their Premiere or Finance minister.

“Hourglass”We can build somethingbetter for us all

Hourglass is a seven-part documentary that highlights Canadians, young and old, speaking about how they envision retirement.


Winning a Better CPP for All Canadians

After a few weeks the CLC won a better CPP for all Canadians. As a result of the campaign and Canadians engagement with the online campaigning tools, they witnessed a commitment by the federal and provincial governments to the first expansion of Canada Pension Plan in over fifty years.

10 MillionOnline & Broadcast Views

7 MillionUnique Canadians Reached

43 millionImpressions