The Canadian Labour Congress is the governing body of labour organizations in Canada, representing more than 3 million workers. They wanted to find a way to show Canadians the work that they have done for human rights as an organization over the last 50 years. Choosing some of the most compelling human rights topics that the CLC had championed, a multifaceted digital content program was created over a four-month period. This campaign reached millions of Canadians and showed labour in whole a new light.

Refugee Crisis VR Experience

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Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

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Hope for Migrant Workers

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Winning a Ban on Asbestos

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Precarious Work

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Winning a Ban on Asbestos – Hologram Installation

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The Challenge

Most Canadians know that unions advocate for workers’ rights, but many don’t know that Canada’s unions are also champions for human rights. The CLC wanted Canadians to know how much work unions have done for human rights issues in Canada, and in particular, they wanted to target a group called ‘switchers’. Despite how connected our society is to global issues of injustice and inequality, there seems to be many apathetic youth. These ‘switchers’ are millennials between the ages of 18 – 34 who are more inclined to align themselves with a cause and get actively involved. The CLC needed a way to reach this audience through a compelling content campaign.

A Labour of Love

An integrated campaign was created that focused on several aspects of workers rights and human rights, across the country. This project incorporated a number of innovative content pieces, including a live hologram stunt on asbestos, webmercials on precarious work, migrant workers and asbestos, a live performance and video honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women and a powerful virtual reality experience on refugees. All of this content was distributed through the Fairness Works social channels and housed on a customized website. All of this content was targeted towards the audience the CLC wanted to reach, the millennial switchers.


Showing Canada fairness works

The results of this campaign were impressive and brought a new awareness of the labour movements’ involvement in human rights to Canadians across the country. It also brought attention to important issues and created real change for all Canadians including a legislative ban on asbestos. The ROI was the engagement that was created with the content, with social reach, view and engagement numbers never seen before in the Canadian labour movement.

17 MillionVideo Views

90,000Online Engagements

Over 80 millionImpressions